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The City of Takoma Park's Library is a vital resource for residents in our community. The library provides academic support, socialization, and a sense of community to many.

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Growing up with a single mother struggling to raise three children, Talisha knows firsthand how hard it can be to make ends meet. The pandemic exacerbated economic disparities in the nation and residents in Takoma Park were not immune.

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Recreation Center

The City of Takoma Park's Recreation Center is critical to meeting the needs of residents in areas of the City that currently lack public space and recreational amenities. The Recreation Center development was a priority for Talisha while on City Council.

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City Staff Needs

The City is only as strong as its workforce. The Council is responsible for ensuring that compensation packages with the City’s two unions and non-unionized staff strike a balance between providing staff with fair compensation and the resources needed to do their job and the City budget.

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Economic Development

Talisha’s vision for revitalizing Takoma Park is rooted in our rich history of being an inclusive and progressive community. 

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Sustainability and Climate Change

The City of Takoma Park has a rich history of pushing innovative climate change initiatives and aspirational environmental goals. Talisha is committed to advancing the City’s goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035. (Read More)

Authorized By: Talisha4Takoma; Kelley Skelton, Treasurer
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