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The City of Takoma Park is emerging from the pandemic stronger. We have achieved many positive gains in the past few years that place the City in an ideal position to focus on how we can better use our resources to Advance Takoma Together. As Mayor, Talisha will focus on the following goals to achieve her vision of a vibrant, welcoming city.

Smart Growth

Growing the City of Takoma Park is about building on our solid foundation and community values for future generations. We must protect the environment, affordable housing, and local businesses while creating openness that will bring more people into our community. I have a vision for growing a Takoma Park where people come to enjoy restaurants, retail, events, and local green spaces.

Talisha supports: 

  • Sustainable and green solutions for the future, such as increasing the City’s tree canopy and updating building efficiency standards to meet the needs of climate change
  • Housing development that makes living in Takoma Park available and affordable to more people and opens more spaces for mixed-use development that will drive sustainable growth
  • Small business development programs that equip businesses to thrive and continue to build the City's vibrancy 
  • Attracting employers to the City so that more residents can live, play, and work close to home


Healthy Futures 

The past two years have demonstrated the critical role that public health safety nets play in supporting all members of the community. As we emerge from the pandemic, we must ensure that we maintain the public health and quality of life standards that the city championed during the pandemic, while responding to and preparing for future crises.
Talisha supports: 
  • Addressing the behavioral health needs in the community though new programs, such as mental health counselors who can aid police when responding to people in crisis
  • Funding to help residents access social services during times of need, including direct cash assistance, food insecurity grants, and emergency rental assistance programs
  • Workforce development programs that ensure residents have the skills necessary to advance in their careers 
  • Efforts to ensure all residents - regardless of their immigration status - feel safe and supported to make their home in Takoma Park


A City for the People

Being a resident of Takoma Park offers a myriad of unique services and amenities to meet your needs no matter your life stage. But we must be good stewards of our resources and provide high quality services that make the most of each City dollar. 

Talisha supports:

  • Innovative initiatives to reform and reimagine our public safety through efforts such as increased youth recreation programs and better inspections of multi-family rental properties to address health and safety issues
  • Accelerated development of community spaces, including the Takoma Park Recreation Center, playgrounds, and the City's renovated library
  • Strengthened state, county, and City coordination on public transit, such as the Purple Line, so that our residents are better connected to the region
  • Inclusive City services that uphold our commitments to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility

To learn more about Talisha’s positions at the Takoma Park Mayoral Forum.



Authorized By: Talisha4Takoma; Kelley Skelton, Treasurer
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