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Recreation Center

Talisha’s Position 

The City of Takoma Park's Recreation Center is critical to meeting the needs of residents in areas of the City that currently lack public space and recreational amenities. The Recreation Center development was a priority for Talisha while on City Council. Specifically, Talisha: 

  • Supported the land swap with Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning (M-NCPPC) which was critical to obtaining the City's ownership of the Recreation Center (resolution here). 

  • Advocated for the project with County and State officials. 

  • Recognized limitations with prior City community engagement on the project and requested a new community engagement project which took a more culturally sensitive approach to engagement (final report here).

  • Engaged key stakeholders on the project, including the neighboring properties and faith-based organizations along New Hampshire Avenue. 

  • Encouraged the use of $320k of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to make improvements to the existing Recreation Center and design activities related to the new Recreation Center. 

The City is releasing a Request for Proposal (RFP) to develop the Recreation Center. As your mayor, Talisha will ensure that the Recreation Center project embodies the desires of the community and advances the City's housing and recreational goals.

What is a request for proposal (RFP)?

  • In 2017, before Talisha was on Council, the City issued a solicitation for Letters of Interest (LOI) to identify partners that the City could collaborate with on the Recreation Center development. However, the LOI did not require submitters to provide in-depth details regarding costs, financing, and possible partners. 

  • The RFP process requires submitters to provide more details including costs, development partners, etc.

Can we have housing?

  • Recent community engagement results show that 28% of residents want to see housing at the new Recreation Center. However, 44% of renters prioritized housing at the site. 

  • The City has funded studies that look at multiple zoning options for the site including residential housing. 

  • Talisha supports housing at the site. if feasible. 

What about recreation services?

Residents want recreational services especially youth programming and multi-use space. It is important that the future mayor keeps this as a priority. Talisha will make recreational services a priority.


Authorized By: Talisha4Takoma; Kelley Skelton, Treasurer
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